Wednesday Workout!

It’s day 4 of 7 Days For Every Body. Today I’m tasked with sharing my favorite exercise move or fitness class.

Confession #2 – I am not athletic. I never have been. I was the short skinny kid in gym class always picked last for a team. Dead last. The only thing worse than being picked last is the sea of disappointed faces when they realize they are stuck with you. I can still feel the bellyache I’d get before gym class. The dread of being yelled at by my classmates for an hour and a half because I couldn’t throw the ball into the basket, or spike it over the net, or remember which way we were rotating in volleyball. I finished my last gym class my sophomore year of high school and vowed never to go to any kind of gym class again. And it was going really well for me, until I got fat and turned 40.

The thing about getting older is that if you don’t use your muscles then you lose them very quickly. And, as your muscles go so does your balance and then eventually your mobility. When you lose your mobility you lose your freedom. Suddenly, gym class has become very important.

Going to fitness classes makes me anxious. It’s a throwback to high school gym class. I see women who are thinner, stronger, faster than I am. I feel judged. Suddenly, I’m the short skinny kid up against the wall in gym class watching everyone else get picked. I’m not a fitness expert. When I go to the gym I feel overwhelmed when I look out at the sea of equipment. Where do I start? How do I use it? What should I do?

Last year I worked with a personal trainer for a couple of months. Her name is Mary Ward. Mary is a retired elementary school teacher with a passion for fitness and cycling. Mary trained me 3 days a week. She taught me about circuit training. She taught me how to mix in cardio with strength. She taught me how to use agility equipment. She taught me how to exercise at home or anywhere using just a few pieces of equipment. But more importantly, Mary taught me to believe in myself. Mary helped me believe in myself. I’m still uncomfortable going to group fitness classes, but I’m confident walking onto the fitness floor at the gym. Mary is an awesome trainer. She kicked my ass during our workouts. She challenged me. Mary’s friendship is a gift. I really miss training with Mary, but I’m pinching my pennies for another goal right now so I’m using what Mary taught me along with an online program and exercising on my own.

I have a membership to the Lifetime Fitness club that’s less than half a mile from my home. I love using the pool, the steam room, and taking yoga classes there. But I really haven’t been utilizing the club enough to justify the monthly cost. Recently, I discovered Alexia Clark. Alexia is an influencer on Instagram. She posts workout videos from different fitness clubs. I love her workouts. They’re simple, fun, and extremely effective. She mixes strength with a lot of movement which I really like. She has a website you can subscribe to and receive a new workout every day. You decide if you want the 30 minute or the 60 minute workout. Then, you decide if you want the home or gym workout. Alexia’s workouts combined with Mary’s teaching have removed my gym anxiety. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I walk onto the fitness floor. I know what I want to do and where to start.

My favorite exercise Mary taught me was how to use kettlebell weights. I love kettlebells! Mary taught me the kettlebell circuit below. It will leave you sweaty, breathless, and feeling like a she hulk beast! This routine is great for cardio, strength, and it’s really fun! It’s a total body -mind exercise.

The Three Bears

Equipment – 3 kettlebells of three different weights 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs

Round 1

10 lbs – 15 kettlebell swings

15 lbs – 10 kettlebell swings

20 lbs – 5 kettlebell swings

Round 2

20 lbs – 5 kettlebell swings

15 lbs – 10 kettlebell swings

10 lbs – 20 kettlebell swings

You want to rest as little as possible all the way through. This is just one of dozens of fun, effective, challenging exercises Mary taught me. Mary’s routines can be done at home or in the gym. If you’re interested in learning more about Mary’s exercise programs, or you want to work with Mary let me know. I would be happy to connect you to her.

What is your favorite exercise or fitness class?

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  1. Chrissy. You are an athlete. Just because you weren’t good at the sports they presented at school doesn’t mean you aren’t. You persevered, worked hard and I am proud of the results that you achieved. Keep up the great work!

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