Wellness That Works

Refresh. It’s the first word of my 2019 mantra. It reminds me that some of the things I’ve set aside need to be picked up again. Some of the old habits need to be dusted off and recharged because they made me feel good. They made me happy. They brought me joy, peace, and comfort.

Last year I joined Weight Watchers. I liked the app. I liked the community and the support, and the program was easy to follow. But like a lot of things, I didn’t stick with it. I let it go. Here I am in 2019 and my social media is flooded with invites to weight loss groups. I’ve thought about joining a few of them. But then I thought about my 2019 mantra – Refresh, Nourish, & Connect. I reflect on these three words daily. It’s the middle word that stuck out. Nourish.

Confession #1 – I hate shakes. All of them. I hate protein shakes. I hate ice cream milkshakes. Smoothies make me gag. This makes most of the weight loss programs out there intolerable for me. I’ve tried doctoring them up with fruit and vanilla extract. They still make me gag. I’ve tried different brands. They all equally make me shudder. I admire the folks who can drink them twice a day rather than eat a meal. I really do. I know supermodels swear by them to maintain their size zero figures. I’ve seen the transformation in family and friends who have used them. But when I think about starting a program that requires me to drink them, I could cry. Then I think about the second word in my mantra – Nourish. Our bodies were designed to eat food. We were not designed to live off protein powder and supplements. That is not healthy. That is a form of starvation.

I rejoined Weight Watchers this month. Weight Watchers has pivoted from a weight loss company to a wellness company. They’ve changed more than just their logo. The program now has a much more holistic approach to overall wellbeing. They’ve partnered with Headspace to include guided meditations in their app. They’ve partnered with Aaptiv to include exercise into their program. The app has its own social media space called Community where you can connect with thousands of others who are on the program.

Connect. It’s the last word in my mantra. It reminds me that human beings were not designed to be solitary creatures. We were meant to live in groups. We thrive best when we have a network of family and friends. We accomplish more when we work together than when we go it alone.

This year I’m doing a refresh to my wellness approach. My usual approach is to set an ambitious goal, go hard for one week, and then give up. Beat myself up for awhile and then repeat the process again. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result then fit me for a straight jacket.

It’s time for a refresh to the way I approach diet and exercise. I know that I need to lose weight. I know there are no shortcuts. There is no magic pill. Meal replacements, pills, supplements, fat burners, and crazy insane exercise regimes are just not sustainable for me. They will not give me the results I want. I want to lose weight, strengthen my body, improve my flexibility, and maintain my balance. All those magic potions will do is push me further from my goals.

I like WW new approach to wellness. It aligns to my mantra of Refresh, Nourish, and Connect. The program has tools to help me refresh my mind and my body, a proven system to teach me how to make better food choices that nourish my body, and provides a platform for me to connect with others who are on a similar journey.

This week I am doing the 7 Days for Every Body challenge by WW. This is how I’ve chosen to begin the program. I am going to share my 7 day challenge here on my blog as well as in the WW app. Today, Day 1, I’m sharing my 2019 mantra – Refresh, Nourish, & Connect. Self care isn’t selfish. It’s an act of self love. Putting ourselves first is essential so that we are able to take care of those we love. What is your mantra for 2019? What does it mean to you? What does it inspire and motivate on you?


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