I’m So Tired

I’m exhausted. Drained. Running on empty. I struggle to get out of bed every morning. I hit snooze a dozen times. I drag myself through the day, come home from work and crash on the sofa, and then go to bed. The alarm goes off the next morning and the cycle repeats. Sound familiar?

I hate being tired. The days blend together and tasks on my to do list pile up. The first word in my 2019 mantra is Refresh. Refresh is a verb. It means to give new strength, energy, or to reinvigorate. Refresh is my focus for the month of January. I’ll be blogging about ways to refresh the mind, the body, and the soul. I want to refresh my mental health.

Exhaustion is not just physical it’s mental. A good night’s sleep can restore physical exhaustion. But mental exhaustion requires more than sleep for recovery. Mental exhaustion is what happens when our mind is overwhelmed. Stress, anxiety, depression all lead to mental exhaustion. How do we shut off the noise in our mind and refresh our mental health?

Insomnia, poor sleep, too much sleep, restless sleep, what the hell is a good night’s sleep anyway? And how do we get it?

I’m not talking about fatigue fighting. I want to prevent fatigue. I’m setting my intention this month to carve out time to do things that will refresh my mental health. Meditation, music, prayer, rituals, and mindfulness are tools I will be using and sharing with you. Did you know there are bedtime stories for adults? Did you know applying lavender oil to your feet will help you sleep? Do you know what decision fatigue is? I’m going to write about all of these things this week. I’m going to share all the apps, oils, and ideas that help me. I hope you will follow along and share your ideas as well.

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