Bye 2018! Hello 2019

Here it comes. A new year. The stores are discounting the last of their holiday merchandise to clear room on the shelves for Valentine’s day. While the brick and mortar stores are cleaning up the remnants of Christmas a different industry is getting ready for its busiest time of year.

The diet and fitness industry is gearing up. Social media feeds are overflowing with life coaches selling you happiness, self confidence, and a healthier you in a bottle of vitamins or a meal replacement shake. Join their online groups and make new friends! Share your fears, your insecurities, and your doubts with strangers in a group chat. Everything you need to change your life delivered to your door conveniently charged to your credit card.

May I suggest a different approach for 2019?

New Year New You!

Shave inches off your newsfeed rather than your waistline

Reduce the amount of negative self talk in your head rather than the calories on your plate

Feel amazing, hot, and confident not because you choked down a chalky shake and a handful of supplements but because YOU ARE amazing, hot, and confident without all that crap!

Healthy living should be because you love yourself and you want more out of life; it should not be because of what you see on your Instagram feed. We do not put enough importance on our mental health. We have an endless supply of resources to help us lose weight and exercise. We’re obsessed with our gut health and our heart health, but what we should be talking about is our mental health. Depression and anxiety are deadlier than gluten or sugar, but we’re too busy meal prepping to notice.

This year why don’t we worry less about the ingredient list and prioritize our mental heath, our emotional health, and our relationships? This year, let’s focus on all of our relationships- our relationship with food, with our bodies, with social media, with our family and our friends. Rather than drinking laxative teas and meal replacement shakes and popping fat burners and working out 2 hours a day, why don’t we just celebrate the skin we’re in with all of its flaws?

Let’s learn to love our squish! Show off our stretch marks and cellulite with pride of a life lived! Let’s start 2019 knowing our worth and welcome the New Year with intention rather than resolutions.

This year I am dieting my newsfeeds. I’ve removed all accounts that drive me to comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy. I want my newsfeeds to be filled with things that make me laugh, spark my imagination, light my soul on fire, and generate discussion. I am detoxing my negative self talk. I’m going to make an effort to be kinder to myself. I’m going to transform my confidence rather than my body. I’m going to stop obsessing on all the things I can’t do and celebrate the things I’m great at! I’m going to remind myself that I’m a rockstar!

Make 2019 the year of YOU. Not a skinnier you, or a “better” you. Just YOU, just as you are. Pay more attention to the people and the things that make you feel empowered. Spend time with yourself. Take yourself on a date! People will only love you as much as you love yourself no matter what size clothing you wear. Be more you and less of a wannabe to attract the people and the things in your life that bring you joy.


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