Today is my birthday. Its not a milestone but I’m definitely on the other side of my 40s, approaching 50, and that got me to thinking. The human life span is supposed to be 120 years old. I’m not sure I want to live to see that number, but I’ve always hoped to see 100. I was thinking about 46 and if I’m aiming for 100 then I’ve lived 46% of my life. That’s not even half! And, when I think about it like that I really don’t feel old. I was thinking about all the things I’ve done and seen these past 46 years and all the things I still hope to do and see. This got me to writing a list, which is just…typical Chrissy! I’m always making lists! Anyway, I decided to share one of those lists with you. Below are the 46 things I’ve accomplished in my 46 years.

1. Learned how to ride a bike
2. Learned how to rollerskate
3. Visited Copper Mountain Michigan
4. Seen pictured rocks in Michigan
5. Visited Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan
6. Traveled to Toronto, Canada
7. Traveled to Prague, Czech Republic
8. Traveled to Beijing and Shanghai China
9. Stood on the Great Wall of China
10. Attended the opera in Prague
11. I have been to the ballet
12. I’ve seen the Flint Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform live
13. I’ve seen a fair amount of the works of Picasso, Monet, and Rodin while traveling
14. I’ve fallen in love
15. I’ve given birth and raised a child
16. I’ve experienced thunder snow!
17. I’ve earned a college degree
18. I’ve taught Sunday School
19. I learned how to drive a car
20. I’ve learned how to bellydance
21. I learned how to play the piano
22. I learned to shoot a gun
23. I learned how to ride a horse
24. I learned to swim
25. I learned how to garden and have grown beautiful flowers
26. I learned how to make stained glass
27. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon
28. I’ve seen the California Redwoods
29. I’ve stood in the Pacific Ocean
30. I’ve been to Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior
31. I’ve been to the Bahamas
31. I’ve been to the Guanajuato, Mexico and wandered the streets of the most beautiful city carved out of a silver mine
32. I’ve traveled through the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico
33. I’ve been to Disney World
34. I’ve been to the Art Institute of Chicago
35. I’ve seen Neil Diamond perform live
36. I’ve seen all of the Star Wars movies in the movie theater
37. I read all the Harry Potter books when they were first published
38. I was alive the day MTV launched on the air
39. I’ve watched technology advance from a phone on a wall to a miniature computer in the palm of my hand
40. I voted for the first African American President in American history
41. I started a blog!
42. I’ve been a cosmetologist, a medical transcriptionist, and a laboratory technician
43. I’ve been on TV and interviewed by a newspaper
44. I’ve survived 3 car accidents
45. I’ve voted every year since I turned 18
46. I’ve reinvented myself at least a dozen times

Not bad for 46% of my life. Maybe not as impressive as others. I haven’t traveled the world but I’ve seen a few pretty places. I haven’t tackled any extreme sports but I still have time. I haven’t climbed any mountains but I’ve traveled through a few by car. My life hasn’t been perfect. It hasn’t been easy. But then no one lives a perfect life. And anyone who tells you life is easy is selling you something. Life is hard, and its fragile. Life is terrifying and awful, and incredibly beautiful. Ultimately, its totally worth living. I’m looking forward to the next 54 years. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish. There are still places I would like to visit, things I would like to see. Fifty four years is a lot of time. The one thing of my youth I hope to shed is the sense of urgency and idealization of busy. I want to slow down and take time to appreciate all that is around me. I want to spend less time looking at the world through the lens of my camera phone and more time really watching the sunsets. I want to spend less time watching nature documentaries on TV and more time hiking the trails and being in nature. I want to improve my piano playing. I want to be a stronger, better swimmer. I want to learn how to ride a horse well enough to lease my own and trail ride through the woods in the fall. Still so many things to do and thankfully, still so much time.

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  1. You left out that after you learned how to count to twelve from Sesame Street someone taught you the number that follows was a rude word

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