That Monday Feeling!

I love Mondays. No I’m not dying and I haven’t dropped my basket – yet.

I honestly love Mondays. It has become my favorite day of the week. Monday has a bad rap, which personally I think is really unfair. Let’s be honest – Monday is dreaded because it’s the first day of the work week. It’s the day after the weekend when stress replaces relaxation, responsibilities replace freedom, tasks and to do lists replace lying on the sofa, and tedium replaces fun and creativity.

Every Sunday night my social media newsfeeds fill with memes dreading Monday. Post after post = I hate Monday. Frankly, it’s depressing. I’ve stopped scrolling my newsfeeds on Sunday nights to avoid this endless parade of negativity. Monday mornings aren’t much better. It’s a steady stream of tired faces sipping coffee walking into the office as though they were walking onto death row.

C’mon people! It’s not Monday you hate it’s what you perceive to be the return to responsibility which is overwhelming. If you allow it to be!

I made a decision this year to see Mondays in a more positive way and honestly it’s one of the kindest things I’ve done for myself. I get excited on Sunday nights thinking about Monday. Like you I have a stressful job, bills to pay, tons of emails, errands, tasks, etc. I love my weekends. I love the down time with no plans, no meetings, no emails. And I do feel a pang of sadness when I wake up on Sunday mornings and realize this brief taste of freedom is nearly over. But then I think about Monday.

Monday is the start of a new week. It’s a clean slate. I say goodbye to the regrets from the previous week and focus my attention forward to the week in front of me. I set new goals. I reorganize priorities so that I can focus on what’s off track. Monday is a chance to get ahead, accomplish things, produce results, and if approached right, then it’s the day that sets the rest of the week up for success.

So stop whining about Mondays. Embrace the opportunity to slay a new week. Kiss last week’s failures and regrets goodbye and focus on the week ahead. Smile at your coworkers and wish them a Happy Monday, and really mean it!

Most importantly, smile and be grateful you have this day and another week.


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