Caturday! & A Few Saturday Thoughts…

Happy Caturday! What is Caturday? Its the day after Friday. The day after a crazy busy week with all of its to do lists, errands, and appointments when we slow down and take it easy. Relax and nap with the cats!

What does your typical Saturday look like? Are you and your kids scheduled every weekend all weekend? Growing up I remember Saturdays as the day spent in front of the TV watching cartoons eating a bowl of cereal. My mom would make something special for breakfast like homemade donuts or french toast. The afternoons would be spent playing with friends or going to the movie with my family. What we didn’t do was run around living out of a minivan. When my daughter was young we all wanted our kids to participate in every sport and extracurricular activity we could possibly squeeze in. Saturdays were a crazy day spent running around to games and recitals, birthday parties, and play dates. If there is one do-over I could have it would be to have one of those Saturdays back. To sit in front of the TV under a pile of blankets with my daughter and watch the coyote build an elaborate trap to catch the road runner.

If you’re a new parent, or the parent of young kids this is probably one of the most important pieces of advice I can give to you. Cancel all your plans for today. Skip the game. Send your regrets to the birthday party or play date. Build a blanket fort in your living room with your kids and watch cartoons. Pop a can of cinnamon rolls and put them in the oven. Yes, they are processed and full of chemicals. They’re also yummy, and a treat. You’re not living off them on a daily basis. Let your kids get their fingers sticky eating ooey gooey warm cinnamon rolls. Tell knock knock jokes and cuddle. There will be lots of games. Lots of swim meets. Lots of birthday parties and play dates. You get a finite number of years to make these memories. Don’t let the time slip away.

Be like my Daisy Mae below and enjoy your Caturday!

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