Tuesday Tips: Crazy Cat Lady Tip! No More Nasty Litterbox Smell! 

I love quick and dirty tips! Don’t you? This week I’m starting #TuesdayTips, and the first tip I want to share with you is my secret to living in an apartment with three cats.

I’m the proud fur mommy to three awesome cats – Daisy Mae, Willow Jane, and Blue. When I tell people I have 3 cats they look at me like I’m crazy, and then they call me the crazy cat lady. One of the top cat complaints people give me is the smell of the litterbox. I agree the smell of cat urine and feces is second only to brimstone, and I’m not unconvinced that hell smells better than the room where the litterbox is kept. Dogs are great because they take their business outside. Cats on the other hand need to be kept inside because if you let a cat go outside for a few moments there is a good chance they won’t come back. Hence, the litterbox requirement. But how in God’s name do you live with that smell? Well I’ll tell you, I don’t.

The greatest purchase I have ever made on Amazon occurred earlier this year when I discovered the Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan. I snagged this gem at the Prime Membership price of $24.83. I’ve never been happier with a purchase. I mean that sincerely. Amazon is not paying me to write this.

The box is large enough for a big cat like my Blue to fit. Blue is also a digger. When he enters the litter box he zens into his primal self and thinks he is on the African savannah and must bury deep to avoid predators. This means he throws roughly 80% of the litter out of the box and onto the floor every time he visits the litter pan. But the mess doesn’t stay in the room where the litter pan is. The litter is then tracked everywhere. The top entry litter pan puts this to an end. I love not having to vacuum kitty litter from every corner of my apartment! The top entry box also solves the problem of your dog raiding the litterbox for “treats.”

Its super easy to clean. The lid flips over so you can scoop and empty. But best of all, it contains the smell! Prior to making this purchase I didn’t need to put a reminder in my phone to clean the litter pan. The whiff from the litter pan when I opened the door to my apartment was all the motivation I needed. The top entry litter pan is so effective at blocking the smell in my apartment that I now have to put a reminder in my phone.

If you already own cats you might be wondering how my fur babies reacted to the new pan. Daisy Mae is a senior cat 15-years-young. She has a bit of arthritis in her legs so I do keep a traditional pan with lower side entry for her. My 6 year old cat Willow Jane had no issue. In fact, I think she quite enjoys the privacy the enclosed box gives her. My kitten Blue had a more difficult adjustment. Admittedly, this little guy did not take to the new box as readily as his big sister. He sat next to it and cried for 2 days. As I mentioned Blue is a digger, and his favorite thing to do is throw as much of the litter in the pan onto the floor as he possibly can before taking care of business. He was rather put out when he realized his days of covering my laundry room floor with kitty litter were over, but he’s acquiesced and now uses the top entry box regularly.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a crazy cat lady, or you’re a new HuMom, or a seasoned cat owner I encourage you to consider investing in a top entry litter box. There are different models and brands available on Amazon. A friend of mine built her own. You can find instructions on a Google search. This is one of the best investments you will ever make as a cat owner.

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  1. This is great information. I’m going to go to Amazon and check them out. Thanks girl…😉🐾🐈

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