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I think every blogger does this. It’s like those viral posts on facebook we all do. Let’s get to know each other better! Share 10 random facts about yourself. I need to create an about me page for this blog. A classic exercise for any writer is a brain dump. Just start listing shit out. So like every other blogger below are random facts about me.

1. I hate doing things the conventional way. I’m more of a follow the beat of my own drum kind of person so rather than writing an even number of facts like 20 or 30, I’m listing out 31.

2. I’m half Norwegian and half Greek. I’m one part Viking and one part Goddess. I’ll kick your ass or smite you whichever way my mood is blowing 😂

3. I don’t like beer, and I really don’t love wine. In fact, I’m not big on alcohol at all. I would rather drink a coke over ice than any alcoholic drink.

4. I’m big on aromatherapy. I keep loads of essential oils in my medicine cabinet. I use them in diffusers, apply them to my skin, and make my own concoctions. I burn incense every day, and I keep roller bottles in my desk at work and in my purse.

5. I love beaches on the Great Lakes and oceans. I like visiting small lakes but nothing stirs my soul like the beaches of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the Pacific Ocean.

6. I’m not afraid of public speaking. I could walk onto a stage and speak in front of thousands of people on live TV if I had to.

7. I’ve been struggling with social anxiety since my mom died 3 years ago. I never used to have issues going out with friends, joining coworkers for a drink after work, going to parties but these days I find myself making excuses and canceling more than I go out.

8. I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1980s. I loved the way she dressed and I loved that she was the superhero. I follow all the actors on Instagram today.

9. I don’t have any tattoos.

10. I have never tried drugs or smoked marijuana, and I have no desire to.

11. I don’t like coffee. I don’t like the smell or the flavor.

12. I love Mondays! I love the possibility of a whole new week. A new chance to accomplish goals, learn new things, and there is always another weekend to look forward to.

13. I have a scar on my nose. Its been there since I was 5 years old after I was attacked by a dog.

14. I have dermatillomania. It’s a chronic skin picking disorder that is related to OCD. I also have a sort of borderline trichotillomania which is hair pulling. I don’t pull my hair out and I don’t pull out my eyebrows, but I do twist my hair and sometimes I twist it until it breaks. I’ve been picking at my scalp for 3 years. It’s currently covered with open sores. I’m working with a therapist and psychiatrist to help me stop hurting myself.

15. I use spreadsheets in everyday life. NERD ALERT! 😂

16. I speak in hyperbole and exaggerate a lot. I didn’t realize how much until I started working for a German company where all my German colleagues take everything I say so literally. 🙄

17. I always chose chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake. Always.

18. I’ve been reading poetry since sophomore year in high school. My favorite poets are Edna St. Vincent Millay, C.P. Cavafy, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allan Poe.

19. If I won the lottery I would buy a farm and grow lavender and keep horses and peacocks. That would be my dream job, and I would vacation in a house on the beaches of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

20. I sneeze really loud. It’s annoying to everyone around me and incredibly embarrassing. I’ve tried to sneeze quietly, but it only gets louder. I give up. So if you are near me notice me fighting off a sneeze, plug your damn ears 😂

21. I eat fast. I always have. I can finish a meal in 5 minutes. I inhale my food. It’s gross. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes I get the hiccups. It’s rude. I’ve been scolded, lectured, and shamed. I’ve tried to modify the behavior but I can’t. I’ve been eating this way my whole life. Recently I decided that I’m not going to try to change it anymore, and I’m not going to be embarrassed anymore. It’s one of my imperfections and I am learning to accept them as I accept myself.

22. I can recite the poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe from memory. It was the first poem I read in sophomore year of high school. It made me fall in love with poetry and I’ve been able to recite it since the first day I read it.

23. I don’t fit well in square 📦 and I’m finally okay with that.

24. I am not a competitive person. I hate playing competitive games. I hate sports. If I’m put in a position where I have to be competitive at work I withdraw. It never motivates me to perform better. It actually demotivates me and demoralizes me.

25. I pray every day, several times a day. I pray before I go to sleep. I pray when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I pray in the car while driving to work. Sometimes I pray at my desk while I’m working.

26. I talk too much and too fast. I always have. But, unlike my eating habits this is one habit I am trying to change. I want to talk less and listen more.

27. I love to read. I read several books in the same time period. I rarely watch TV. I will read one book before bed and a different book when I wake up in the morning. I’ll read a different book at lunch, and yet a different one again in the evening. I can switch between books during the day the same way others can switch from one TV show to another.

28. Rain falling on the sidewalk and hitting the windows is my favorite sound in the whole world.

29. I cry when I hear music by Aretha Franklin because it reminds me of my mom. She loved Aretha. We would listen to it together. I knew the words to Respect, Chain of Fools, and Natural Woman by the time I went to kindergarten.

30. The sound of my cats purring is my second most favorite sound in the world.

31. I climbed the base of a mountain and stood on the Great Wall of China and stared into the snow covered mountains. If I live to be 100 and cannot remember my own name, I will remember standing on the Great Wall of China breathing in the cleanest, coldest air while staring into the mountains.

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